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large number of plots reserved for industry and businesses. The best solutions and locations for entrepreneurs can certainly be found in the supply of land, exactly according to their wishes.

The region has over 200 years of industrial manufacturing culture. Manufacturing and construction also have a strong foothold in industry. Targeted training is available to meet your company's needs. Faktia Koulutus Oy has a long experience in on-the-job training for the workforce. The education providers in the Forssa region are pioneers in incorporating the circular economy into the content of education programmes.

The region offers employees a good quality of life and a reasonable cost structure. Good services and leisure facilities are affordable and close by. The Forssa region is among the best in Finland in terms of accessibility to local services. The two national parks and one folk park in the region offer unique opportunities for exercise in nature and relaxation.


Premises and

The sub-region has cost-effective (zoned) land, as well as premises for business use.

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Forssa Business Development assists entrepreneurs in exploring different options to find the best solution for their business location. Contact us to find the best solution for your business.

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